Giving Projects

Our Giving Projects & Partners

From schools in Mexico, churches in Costa Rica & orphanages in developing countries, we work very closely with our Giving Projects & Partners. One of our greatest priorities when it comes to the giving of vitamins and minerals is that the product actually gets to where it's going. Many times in developing countries, aid that is sent is intercepted by different groups and sometimes even the government and the aid never makes it to the intended parties. This is why we work hard to build a relationship with each Giving Partner. Together we develop a strategy that supports their goals and respects the cultures in which they work.

Also, the Giving Partners we establish are ongoing projects! This is the reason for the VitaGive subscription. With your monthly subscription, its enables us to continually give and support our Giving Projects, rather than just a one-time shipment of vitamins.

Have a project in mind that you think VitaGive could partner with? Click here to send us an email and let us know!