What is Love Myself Organics?

Love Myself Organics brings you products for your body that are all natural, organic and based on a health and nutritional background that delivers amazing body care products for you. We take pride in offering the best products for your body on the market. You can trust that our products are made from the most wholesome ingredients and will be free of fillers, toxins and additives. We chose the name Love Myself, because it all starts with Loving Yourself and putting what's right for you on and in your body. ;-)    


How do I apply Love Myself Deodorant?

Apply just like any deodorant stick, but since our deodorant is made with real & natural ingredients, a little goes a long way. You will only need to swipe the deodorant wand back and forth over your armpits 2-4 times.


Will it actually work?

Yes! Love Myself Deodorant uses only the highest-quality ingredients and will work just like a deodorant is supposed to by neutralizing underarm odor.


It feels a little different while applying. Is this normal?

Absolutely! This means it’s pure and natural…no fillers or added chemicals. The organic coconut butter softens naturally with your body temperature. Be assured that the deodorant will still work and there will be no stains on your clothes like most commercial deodorants leave behind. If you applied more than 4 strokes over your armpits, you may need to blot your pits a tad if you feel there is too much deodorant on there.


After applying the deodorant, my armpits feel a little sensitive?

Our ingredients are pure and natural, but for some people, baking soda can irritate sensitive skin. If baking soda irritates your skin, please send us a message and we will see what we can do to create a product for you without baking soda. Be assured that there is nothing unnatural in our deodorant that would cause an irritation. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Our desire is to create and offer as many healthy deodorants that will work for each person’s body chemistry.

Something to consider: Shaving could also be the culprit to irritation. Usually if burning occurs it is associated to the salt-like nature of baking soda. Our suggestion is to shave at night and apply in the morning. It can eventually go away as your body acclimates to the pH balancing.


The smell of my armpit odor is changing, what's happening?

After years of wearing conventional chemical and aluminum-laden deodorants it is possible that the change in smell is due to the detox process of your pits from this build up. There is a clear difference in how your body processes lab-made products versus natural & organic ingredients. Rest assured, you are doing your body good by the change in smell.


*Did you know: Your diet influences your smells and detox processes. If you are more prone to body odor, excessive sweating and poor skin and/or hair issues, read more about this in our articles under our blog section.


When will I receive my order?

Orders generally leave our warehouse within 1-2 business days. All orders placed through the website are shipped by USPS. You will receive a tracking number once it ships.


Can I buy Love Myself Deodorant from a store near me?

Quite possibly very soon! We would love to hear your feedback on bringing our product into a store near you.