Giving Vitamins

Multivitamins increase potential.

Did you know that two billion people worldwide are deficient in essential nutrients? What’s more, children under five, pregnant women and new mothers are the most vulnerable to vitamin deficiencies.

Through projects in the U.S. and around the world we are connecting these at-risk populations with daily multivitamins to help build the foundation for good health.

Imagine your own child not being able to fight measles, diarrhea or respiratory infections to the point that their life was in danger. 1/3 of children under five are deficient in vitamin A. They live in developing countries all over the world, and they need your help.

In developed countries, our most basic foods have been fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for more than 50 years. While public health has increased, public awareness of how critical vitamin A is to our basic well-being has decreased.


Giving Vitamins

With your every order, VitaGive provides multi-vitamins to a child in need through our Giving Projects on an on-going basis. Please click here to read more about our Giving Projects.