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I’ve been using this product for years. Was sad when I couldn’t find it at my previous vendor. But so happy to easily but on website! Big fan! Don’t like traditional antiperspirants. Sweating is human. And love myself organics works!

Natural, Organic Deodorant
Marylane Winfield

Great deodorant and have used it for a few years now.

Love myself perfume

I like the perfume. It has no irritating smell. It’s soothing

Best deodorant

I have used the product for a couple of years now. I have tried and failed many brands, this is the only one that actually works all day for me. I love the lavender scent.

Lavender Deodorant

The best love🌞✨

The Best

LMSO is the greatest and should be used by everyone

My favorite deodorant EVER

I will use this deodorant until I die!

Awesome service Sean✨

I love all of my Love My Self products!
I’m sold and will continue to purchase products in
the future !

Best natural deodorant out there. I’ve tried them all and Love Myself Organics is the only one that actually works. Love it!

Best stuff for the desert heat!

The website was easy to order from, and the produce selection provided great choices.

Sorry, can’t review yet. Using last of current demo before starting new

Amazing! Fast shipping, great product.

I purchased this product 2 yes ago roughly on Amazon. When I ran out and went to but it again it wasn't available. It is near impossible to find a real organic perfume. My husband is used to me wearing all sort of perfumes from designer to the cheap body sprays. I switched to this as my first time organic perfume and the first day I put it on, he was like wow what smells so good, it was my perfume. The oils of the perfume for me last and it does not afflict my natural odor/body oil. I love it and the company is very responsive and friendly, not to mention the product is so great. For me I only need one spritz or it can be over powering if I spritz more for my sensitive senses.

Best Products EVER

Grateful for a healthy deodorant for my body!! Small Businesses ROCK

Great Product

Nice scent, organic, clean and fresh.

I would recommend this product

Just love! I love how it works and it’s all natural with no chemicals. I got my husband using it too! Sometimes when he works all day outside it does wear off but he refuses to use his old kind with all the chemicals 👍🏻

Very happy with Sea Salt Spray.Will be ordering again


This one of the best deodorants I have ever used!!! Going on 8 years now.
Signed, big burley grandpa.

Best deodorant EVER. No joke.

I started using this deodorant a few years ago after “attempting” to go natural in the skin care department. I had been unsuccessful in finding a good solution until I tried Love Myself Organics. Most important- after using this- I don’t stink. It really works! My underarm area feels soft and I never get razor bumps anymore! I give this deodorant as gifts because I love it so much!

Excellent deodorant!

As a P.E. Teacher and Basketball Coach I’m at work 12 hours a day sometimes. I put the deodorant on in the morning and it lasts all day!
As a hiker/hunter, I’ll put it on Saturday morning before a hike and it literally lasts 4 days or more!

Best deodorant!!

Love this product!

Love this Stuff !!!

THIS stuff really works !!!

Best deodorant I've ever had!

I love the fact it's all natural and cruelty free. It goes on smooth and leaves no residue on clothes. Lasts all day, even throughout workouts. I love the smell and it's so gentle on my skin. I recommend this deodorant to all my family and friends.


Pleasantly surprised of the strenghth and ability of the spray to hold up as well as it did in a 95-104’ weather in Cailf and as Entertainer in this at times!!!

Long Time - Sandalwood Blend Natural, Organic Deodorant
Heather Weightman

Long Time - Sandalwood Blend Natural, Organic Deodorant