February 03, 2017

Do You Need an Armpit Detox?

Making the switch from a commercial brand deodorant to an all-natural deodorant sounds like a simple process, right? For some it is that simple, but for others, this change is followed by more potent body odor, excessive sweating and/or an itchy red rash and bumps. You may be wondering; why do these things happen when your intent is to do something good for your body? Let’s discuss…

 Say you’ve been using an aluminum filled antiperspirant for years, maybe even decades. The aluminum and other chemicals have been absorbed into your blood stream and lymph nodes the entire time. Furthermore, the commercial antiperspirants are designed to make you not sweat. They actually blocks the glands in your armpit from producing what they are made to produce….sweat!

So, one day you decide to make the switch to an aluminum free deodorant. Great choice J Your body starts ridding itself of the chemicals that have been absorbed for years and this process can actually change the odor, potency of your body odor and the amount of sweat you’re expelling. To make matters worse, for some people, a red itchy rash can develop as your body is pushing out the years of toxins that have been built up. Not fun at all!

This may leave you wondering; am I condemned to using commercial brand, aluminum filled, chemical packed antiperspirants forever? The answer is; most likely no.  With the backlog of chemicals and toxins your body may just need an armpit detox before making the switch to an all-natural deodorant. Here are a few of our suggestions:

-Use a charcoal soap which is known to keep the stink away! In addition, when you’re getting out of the shower dry off your armpits completely. Bacteria loves damp places.

-Mix two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with distilled water in a spray bottle. Apply to your armpits 30 minutes (if possible) before applying your deodorant. This will help alkaline your PH balance.

-Take a daily probiotic, and/or use a probiotic spray on your underarms.

-Try a bentonite clay mask.

-As cheesy as it sounds, drink tons of water. Flush out those toxins!

You should plan to do a detox for at least a week before making the official switch. It may be a bit of a process for you and your body, but in the long run, you’ll be thrilled you made this change!