The 5 Benefits of Natural Deodorant

February 21, 2024

The 5 Benefits of Natural Deodorant
Everyone sweats. It's a natural and necessary function of your body, but you might not enjoy the odor that can accompany it. Despite doubts about its effectiveness, natural deodorant works well to combat odor without disrupting those natural functions. The plant-based ingredients in natural deodorants can leave you feeling confident that you're both odor-free and secure about what you're putting on your skin. Here are some of the top benefits of natural deodorant.
1. It Allows You to Sweat
Sweating is your body's natural cooling mechanism. As the Texas A&M University Health Science Center explains, sweating is how the body regulates temperature. Your sweat leaves your skin through your pores and evaporates on the outside, which helps to cool you down. One of the biggest benefits of natural deodorant is that it helps to eliminate unwanted odor while still allowing your body to sweat and cool you.
2. It Stops Odor Naturally
It's not sweat that causes body odor, but rather sweat combined with the bacteria that already exists on your skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, your body has two types of sweat glands: eccrine glands, which secrete fluid onto the surface of your skin, and apocrine glands, which develop in areas with lots of hair follicles, such as your armpits. The fluid secreted by the apocrine glands is odorless until it mixes with the bacteria on your skin.
So, how does natural deodorant work? Instead of stopping your skin from sweating, it helps to neutralize the odor with naturally derived botanicals. Many natural botanicals, such as tea tree oil, also have antibacterial properties, according to a review in the journal Clinical Microbiology Reviews. These ingredients work to conceal bad odors—and may help minimize the bacteria on your skin, which is what causes the odor in the first place.
3. You'll Feel Confident in Your Safety
Why does it matter that ingredients are naturally derived? Choosing a natural deodorant that is made with odor-neutralizing botanicals and no artificial fragrances or preservatives can help you avoid artificial substances and feel more confident in the safety of your skin care products.
4. It's Skin-Friendly
If you've removed hair from your armpits by shaving or other methods, then you know exactly how sensitive your skin can be in that area and how irritated it can get. But plant-based ingredients in natural deodorants, such as palm kernel oil and castor wax, can provide a smooth, skin-conditioning feel.
Natural deodorants might also help you avoid other skin irritations, such as rashes and allergic reactions. A study published in Contact Dermatitis concluded that deodorants were the primary cause of fragrance-based allergic skin rashes. Looking closely at ingredient labels can help you determine what substances you want to avoid in your products.
5. It Aligns with Your Values
If you're concerned about protecting the environment, you'll enjoy another one of the benefits of natural deodorant. Choosing a deodorant made with natural, sustainable, and responsible ingredients helps ensure that you get the protection you need while keeping the environment in mind.
No matter what natural deodorant you choose, look for ones in containers that can be recycled.
Natural deodorant has several benefits both for your skin and the environment and is just as effective as traditional deodorant. Finding the right variety for your body and lifestyle and taking some time to adjust can help you successfully make the switch.
Why It's Good
Despite the myths you may have heard, natural deodorants are just as effective at eliminating odors as traditional deodorants. Besides fighting odor, there are many benefits of natural deodorant, from being gentle on your skin to minimizing your environmental impact.