Why Gluten-Free?

December 07, 2016

When most people think of living a gluten free lifestyle, they think eliminating bread, pasta and my personal favorite; pizza. However, if you’re gluten sensitive (or just choose to stay away from it) several beauty and body products contain gluten. Since Love Myself Organics deodorants and perfume are gluten free and we proudly display it on our packaging, people often ask me, “Is there usually gluten in my body products?” Have you ever seen ingredients such as hydrolysed vegetable protein or triticum aestivum? These are just a couple of the ingredients that are found in lotions, soaps, shampoos and even deodorants that we apply every day that do in fact contain gluten.

If you’re avoiding food based gluten, should you also avoid product based gluten? Well, if you’re a believer that what goes on your body is as important as what goes in to it, then the answer would be an astounding YES! Skin conditions and even asthma have been linked to gluten in products for those who are sensitive. In cases of accidental ingestion, the health concerns grow even more.

This is a good reminder to all of us to read labels! Take the extra couple of minutes to be sure we are putting all natural, and quality ingredients in to and on to our bodies. Check out our deodorants https://goo.gl/Hm0008 and see if they could be a gluten free fit for you!